The appellation

The appellation of Origin Status

The appellation of Origin Control (French: Appellation d'origine controlee) is the system whereby the WTO grants certification to certain agricultural products such as wines from Bordeaux and Chablis, Champagne sparkling wines from Champagne region, Cognac etc, based on the concept of ‘terroir’ or traditional regional unique qualities.

Among Honkaku Shochu and Awamori varieties, Iki Shochu, Kuma Shochu, Satsuma Shochu and Ryukyu Awamori have been granted Appellation of Origin Status by the WTO.

Iki Shochu

壱岐 IKI 焼酎 地理的表示の産地指定

This Mugi Shochu is produced on the Iki-no-Shima Islands in Nagasaki Prefecture

Kuma Shochu


This Kome Shochu is produced around Hitoyoshi in Kumamoto Prefecture and the surrounding Kuma Area.

Satsuma Shochu


This Imo Shochu is produced in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Ryukyu Awamori


Fermented with Black Koji and distilled using Okinawa's original method, Awamori is produced in Okinawa Prefecture.